Causal Loop

Imagine being able to summon echoes of your past actions that help you succeed in the present moment. In "Causal Loop," you dive into a labyrinth of puzzles where every action shapes a new reality. But beware: one wrong move, and your plan might just fail.

Causal Loop - Key Features

Echo Branching Mechanic:

  • Create up to three echoes of past actions to solve intricate puzzles.

Challenging Puzzles:

  • Focus on strategic thinking, problem-solving, and narrative immersion.

Compelling Sci-Fi Narrative:

  • Experience a gripping story filled with mysteries, betrayal, and twists.

Dual Protagonists:

  • Play as Jen, an Exo-Linguist, or Bale, an Exo-Archaeologist, each with unique abilities and perspectives.

Stunning Visuals:

  • Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Causal Loop offers a visually striking and immersive experience.

Proprietary Technology - CTS:

  • Streamlines development, allowing efficient creation and integration of game elements.

15 Detailed Levels:

  • Engage in diverse, intricately designed environments that challenge players’ strategic thinking.

8-12 Hours of Gameplay:

  • Extensive playtime filled with puzzles, exploration, and narrative depth.

Indie Studio Background:

  • Developed by a dedicated team of ex-Blizzard veterans with a combined 42 years of experience, bringing passion and expertise to every aspect of the game.

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